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Jane Goodall wanted to study animals and she was curious.
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Born: > August 3, 1934 London, England

Died: <insert date>

Important Events

  • When Jane was little, She was very curious about animals and nature and she did lots of research.
  • Jane visited her friend in Africa and she always wanted to go there.
  • She met a scientist named Louis Leakey and Louis Leakey asked Jane if she wanted to study chimpanzees.

"Did you know..." Facts

  • When Jane was little she brought a handful of earthworms to bed with her.
  • Jane loved Dr. Dolittle and Tarzan And The Apes.
  • When Jane was young she started a Alligator Club the alligator club was a club about nature.

What I think about Jane Goodall

  • Jane was a curious girl and she loved nature. She was a caring girl for nature and other things. She didn't just care about herself, she thought nature was important.
  • I also think she was a girl who liked to go on adventures. She is a very brave girl.

Important People in <Your Person's> Life

  • Jane's mother
  • Jane's father
  • Dr. Louis Leakey:Helped her explore what she wanted to do.


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