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Pts Range is 500, 1,000, 1,500, 2,000
4 four each pt value
1: What State is Acidia Park located in? 500pts A:Maine
2: What is the most popular food in Acidia? 500pts A:Lobster
3: What Ocean is of the coast of Acidia? 500pts A:Alantic
4: What is the largest maine gateway surding the park? 2,000 A:Bar Hobor
5. About how many miles estameted is acidia from
Boston, Massachusetts? A: 2,000pts 300 miles
6. Estmated about how many acers is acidia? A: 1,500pts 50,000 acers
7. What is the avrage rain fall in a year? A: 1,500pts 48 inches
8.What is the avarge snow fall in a year? A: 2,000pts 61 inches
9. What ar the four main gatway citys? A: 2,000pts Southwest Harbor, Bar Harbor,Tremont and Mount Desert
10. What year did a major fire cause much damage to acidia? A: 1,000pts 1947ad
11.Estamtied about how many birds species have been identified in the park? A: 1,500pts 300
12. Is acidia a cluster of islands on the coast of Maine? A: 500pts Yes or true
13.Name three turist attractions? A:1,000pts

  • Auto touring
  • Biking
  • whale watching, bird watching, wildlife watching
  • boat tours, boating, kayaking

  • guided hikes
  • climbing

  • fishing
  • hiking
  • horse riding
  • Skiing
  • ranger programmes
  • nature walks
  • stargazing
  • swimming

14.About how many vistors does acidia recive a year? A: 1,500pts 2.8 million
15.What is the lagrgest city in acidia and what is the population? A: 1,000pts city Bar Harbor,pupulation 2,000
16. What months is fog common in acidia? A:1,000pts June, July and August.

Final Jeopardy:

Acadia National Park Jeopardy hrs1 and raz2.ppt